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Banana Cone Green

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  • “Caution: Wet Floor” warning in the shape of a banana peel;
  • Unique design makes it extra visible;
  • Meets international safety standards (including OSHA);
  • Can be stacked for storage;
  • 60 cm / 2 feet high;
  • Color: green.

Warning sign for floors that are slippery when wet. A slippery floor can pose a significant risk if people are not aware of it. This cone in the shape of a banana peel stands out and is sure to get a smile from those who see it.

The Banana Cone features the warning “Caution! Wet Floor”. This ensures that foreign guests and employees can read the warning as well.

More visible than regular signs

This cone provides an alternative to the outdated, yellow folding sign with a warning message. Not only is the Banana Cone a more fun option, it is also more effective. In an observational study, the Banana Cone scored higher than all other comparable products.

Meets safety standards

In addition to its humorous design, the cone also fully meets international safety standards (including those of the American OSHA).

Easy to store

The stem of the banana peel can be removed and the signs can be stacked. This makes it easier to set up multiple cones at the same time and to store them neatly when they are no longer necessary without taking up much storage space.

Recognisable symbol for slipping and falling

Since the beginning of the 20th century and the Charlie Chaplin era, the banana peel has been a symbol for slipping and falling. However, the creators of the Banana Cone drew their inspiration from another famous source, the Nintendo 64 game Mario Kart. These have led to the banana peel being strongly associated with slipping and falling. As a result, the Banana Cone is an effective way to warn others of a slippery floor.


Rings to weigh down the cone are available separately. The rings are placed over the top of the cone and rest on the base. This is ideal for when the Banana Cone is located in areas where it is likely to be knocked over. View the weight for the Banana Cone.


  • EAN
  • Color
  • Manufacturer
    Banana Products
  • Material
    Polypropylene (PP)
  • Use type
    In- & outdoor use
  • Height
    60 cm