An organised workplace creates an efficient, and more important, safe workplace for your employees. There are many ways to organize your workplace, a popular methodology for doing this is called 5S. We will explain this method further to provide you with the information you need to decide whether or not this methodology is one you want to implement in your work environment.

So what is 5S? The 5S-method originates from Japan and consists of five Japanese words: seiri, seiton, seiso, seiketsu and shitsuke. When translated into English these words still start with the letter S, providing our method with its short and practical name. The words used in English are: sort, straighten, shine, standardize and sustain. These words stand for different phases which will help you organise your work space to improve efficiency and safety by storing items in a effective way, maintaining the area and items in it, and sustaining the new order created. A very helpful tool in organising your work area is floor marking, with which you can create paths, storage areas or transportation routes. Take a look at our range of printed and unprinted floor marking.


The phases in 5S

The first phase in this methodology is called Seiri in Japanese, which translates to Sort in English. In this phase you remove unnecessary items and obstacles from your work space, which makes work easier for your employees. This reduces the chance of them being disturbed and prevents the accumulation of these useless items and clutter in your workplace.

The second phase in the 5S-method is called Seiton in Japanese and translates to Straighten in English. Other translations include Set in order and Streamline. During this phase you arrange all the necessary items in a way that they can easily be selected for use to prevent loss of time. With doing this you create a smooth and easy workflow for your employees in which they can easily find and select the necessary items for their tasks at hand.

Which brings us to our third phase in the 5S-methodology. The Japanese call this phase Seiso, in English we call this phase Shine. It can also be translated to sweep or sanitise, which means that in this phase you clean your workplace completely. This ensures a safe work space in which your employees can work easy and effective.  In this phase you can use cleaning as an inspection to prevent your  equipment and machinery from deterioration.

 When the third phase is completed you move on to the fourth phase of the method, which the Japanese call Seiketsu. In English we translate this word to Standardize, because in this phase you standardize the best practices in the work area by providing every process or task with a standard. Important in this phase is to maintain a certain standard of cleaning, organisation and orderliness. Make sure everything in your work space has a certain place and is also kept in their right places.

The last phase of this methodology is the Shitsuke phase, which translates to Sustain in English. Another translation is Do without being told, unfortunately this doesn’t start with an S, so we’ll stick with Sustain. In this phase you train your employees to make sure the implemented method is sustained and followed through. To make sure the 5S-method is still in use it’s recommended to perform regular audits in the workplace.

How to implement the 5S-method

A good starting point in implementing the 5S-methodology or other methods like the Lean method, is the use of floor marking. With floor marking you can create lines, pallet storage areas, work areas, walkways and transportation routes. Thanks to the large variety of colors and shapes, floor marking can help you design an efficient, effective and safe work environment.  Jeka prides itself on the quality of our self-adhesive floor marking. We even sell Superior Mark tape, which is a patented floor marking tape that can endure heavy loads thanks to its rounded edges for maximum durability.

So start using the 5S-methodology today and let us help you get started with our floor marking which is of the best quality. Take a look at our range in our webshop