Loose cables, cords, and hoses can cause damage and result in dangerous situations. By using a cable bridge, safety can easily be increased. At JekaShop, various cable bridges are available for purchase.

Cable bridge Ø 40 mm

Cable bridges for temporary use

The hose and cable bridges from JekaShop are made of plastic (PVC) and are very robust. The hose and cable bridges are highly suitable for temporary use, such as at events or exhibitions or in workshops. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Various types of cable bridges are available at JekaShop:

      All our cable bridges are suitable for heavy-vehicle traffic, with a maximum load of 40 tonnes. The cable bridges do not need to be secured to the floor. The cable bridges can also be expanded by connecting several pieces. Only one person is required to easily and quickly set up the cable bridge.

      In addition to cable bridges, JekaShop also provides high-quality speed bumps for reducing vehicle speeds in logistic and industrial spaces. 

      View all our cable bridges and speed bumps!