Vertical templateIt’s not always possible to scan barcode tags, especially when the rack is too high for the barcode to be scanned by the order filler. In this instance, templates can be used to still achieve an efficient warehouse arrangement.

Location numbering: at great heights (but then again, not)

In practice, the combination of man down (the order filler on the ground) and high-shelved warehouses occurs regularly. When barcode tags are used in these situations, it can cause difficulties, namely, the order picker can’t scan the desired barcodes quickly or easily.

This problem is easily solved with the use of templates. Simply put, a template is a combination of multiple location numbers and barcodes on one label. The template is then placed in an easily accessible location, for instance, at the bottom of a rack.

Templates in various versions

Templates come in several variations: horizontal or vertical, magnetic or self-adhesive. When templates are used, we recommend using a different colour than the barcode tag. For instance, white when the other labels are yellow. This helps avoid confusion.

Other than that, the implementation details depend entirely on your warehouse arrangement and location numbering design. If you would like to know which template is most effective in your case, please contact one of our sales advisors: telephone: +31 24 352 35 22 or email.

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