Safety mirrors provide you with a simple way of improving safety in a production environment or warehouse. Dome mirrors, check point mirrors, traffic mirrors or observation mirrors are all examples of the type of mirrors available with which you can improve safety for your employees. Also, mirrors can come in handy during production process. For example, a mirror can help you view the product from a different angle when working on a conveyor belt.

Safety mirrors can be very useful to a wide range of environments in which safety is of paramount importance. Safety mirrors, or convex mirrors, placed at blind spots or crossings can help your employees  be more aware of approaching heavy machinery or other employees coming their way. By using these mirrors you can increase your productivity and, more importantly prevent dangerous accidents.


safety mirrors

The importance of safety mirrors

One of the most common types of road collisions are vehicle accidents in areas such as entrances, exits, driveways or crosswalks. Collisions resulting from low visibility and reduced reaction time can often cause severe injury for your employees. These accidents can easily be prevented by installing the right safety mirrors in the right places, to reduce low visibility and blind spots in an area. Although these mirrors often get overlooked, a safety mirror is an effectively and inexpensive way to implement safety and prevent accidents. At JekaShop we offer observation mirrors to provide you with a view of an area, dome mirrors to give you a view for around the corner, check mirrors to view your products from a different angle and many other types of safety mirror. Our sales advisors can provide you with the proper advice and assistance regarding safety mirrors, so don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions.  

Convex mirrors

A convex mirror, also called fish eye mirror or diverging mirror is a curved mirror with a reflecting surface. The surface of a curved mirror can either bulge inward (concave) of outward (convex). In the case of a convex mirror the surface bulging outward can provide you with the view of a larger area or workspace. For this reason, convex mirrors are often found in hallways or work areas of various buildings. These mirrors are usually mounted on the ceiling or a wall where hallways make turns or intersect. Convex mirrors also get used outside on roads, driveways and alleys, to provide safety where there is a lack of visibility. In our range of safety mirrors we offer convex mirrors in several sizes and shapes, take a look at our web shop.

Safety mirrors in all shapes and sizes

JekaShop provides different types of safety mirrors in different shapes and sizes. In our range we offer over 50 different types of safety mirrors. The most common safety mirrors are the traffic or industrial mirrors. Traffic mirrors, or otherwise called driveway mirrors, can be used to ensure safety on the road. These mirrors can be recommended for public and private roads where space is limited, such as parking, shopping centers or private exit roads. Anywhere you can need extra safety for transport in public and where blind spots are a common hazard, traffic or driveway mirrors provide you with a solution. Industrial mirrors are more commonly used in production areas where traffic safety is still a concern, especially when the driver has limited visibility. Industrial mirrors can also increase someone’s attention to dangerous areas in a warehouse or production environment. Besides traffic mirrors and industrial mirrors, JekaShop also sells shop mirrors. Shop mirrors can provide surveillance in smaller areas, such as shops. These mirrors can give an overview of your space or supervise your production lines. An shop mirror is a curved mirror, which means that the curve of the mirror enlarges the view of a product or area to give you a closer within a limited viewing distance. All our safety mirrors are produced with light weight materials, whilst maintaining functionality and strength. This means that our mirrors are durable, completely weatherproof and shatterproof to withstand the elements. The mirrors also have rounded corners and polished edges, to make sure they are safe for all uses.

Go to our web shop and have a look at our range of safety and convex mirrors. If you want more information or would like some advice regarding our mirrors, do not hesitate to contact one of our sales advisors.