By organizing your warehouse in the right manner you will be able to create an efficient and safe work environment for your employees. By implementing the right methods and using the right materials this organization of the workplace can be very easy. Storage solutions is one of the many ways you can keep your workspace organized, especially in a warehouse environment. We at Jekashop offer a variety of products which can be helpful in the implementation of different storage solutions in your warehouse environment.

Storage solutions

Storage solutions can be seen as a method, mechanism or structure with which people organize the materials, products or other stuff they keep in a certain area. Although storage solutions can be part of every environment, such as a normal household, they are essential in the organization of a warehouse setting.

With the right storage solutions you can create an organized workspace and eventually increase the productivity and profit of your company. With storage solutions you can declutter the workspace and organize the materials, products and equipment in your warehouse. Not only is this good for productivity, a clean warehouse also keeps your employees safe from materials laying around and causing accidents. Overall the right storage solution can increase your storage capacity, speed up the production process and create a safe environment in which your employees will gladly go to work.

Storage solutions in warehouse methods

There are a lot of different methods and storage solutions to organize a warehouse or work environment. Two popular methods you might have heard about are called the 5S method and the lean method. These methods not only help you create more room in your work environment, they also organize and decrease the amount of clutter you have.

The first well-known warehouse solution for organizing your work environment is the 5S method. This method originates from Japan and consists of five different phases, which all start with the letter S. The phases in the 5S method help you organize your workspace by storing items in an effective way, maintaining the area and sustaining the new order created. Implementing different storage solutions can help realize this organization of the workplace. 

The second method which is often used to organize a work environment is the lean method. The lean method, or lean manufacturing is a systematic method for the elimination of waste within the production process. By creating a simple and clear manufacturing system you can reduce the time spent on production and increase the profit of your company. The right storage solutions can also help implement this method, which keeps your workspace clean, safe and increases efficiency.

Storage solutions at Jekashop

Jekashop offers a few storage must-haves which can help with the implementation of the right storage solutions and designing an efficient workplace.

One of our product categories is the location sign, which comes in different forms and shapes. Next to the normal flat signs we have, you can also decide to use scan signs on the wall or hang triangle signs. All of our signs are available in different colors, such as yellow, red, blue, green and white. Before purchasing you can also choose a preferred height for your signs and add an own custom text to them. These signs can be part of your storage solution by indicating different storage areas for you materials, products and equipment.

Storage solutions

Even though location signs can be used to indicate storage areas, you might also want to indicate smaller sections within these storage areas. For this purpose we sell warehouse labels and barcode labels. With these labels you can divide your racks and make sure everything in your warehouse has its own place. Our printed labels come in various colors, sizes and in magnetic or self-adhesive versions. Depending on what you require, these labels can be printed with a location number, barcode and check digit.

A product that might not be an actual part of the storage solutions, but can be very helpful in the organization of your warehouse is floor marking. With these printed or unprinted floor markings you can divide your workspace into different areas and create paths. All of our floor marking comes in different shapes and sizes. A few of the different shapes we offer are dots, footsteps, t-pieces, arrows and corner pieces. Just as with our signs and labels our floor markings come in different colors, such as bright yellow, white, blue, green, red, black and striped.

Although the main focus of our products is the safety in your warehouse, these products also increase the efficiency of your production process. Which means that the right storage solutions not only create a pleasant work environment for your employees, but can also increases the profit of your company. Do you still have questions about storage solutions after reading this, or want to know more about our products? Don’t hesitate to contact one of our experts and we’ll gladly give you advice.