FlatFork tilt indicator for forklift forks

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Product description

  • Checks whether the forks of a forklift are level or tilted;
  • Can be secured to any forklift with magnets;
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use (dust-proof and water resistant - IP67);
  • Sturdy ABS housing;
  • Automatically turns on and off when moved.

The FlatFork allows you to quickly see whether or not the forks of a forklift are level. This improves safety in a warehouse or work location and prevents damage to items, racks, and people. The FlatFork also enables greater efficiency when using a forklift, because the driver loses less time levelling the fork.

The FlatFork is very sturdy and durable. The ABS housing provides impact protection for the FlatFork and is made dust-proof and water resistant. Its D batteries have a long life, because the FlatFork turns on and off automatically. It turns on when the forklift moves. As soon as the forklift is still again, it automatically turns off.

FlatFork for reach trucks

The standard FlatFork is not suitable for use on reach trucks. For this reason, FlatFork has developed a model especially for reach trucks. In this model, the sensor is not attached to the display. The sensor is attached to the fork and the display can be placed in the driver’s line of sight.

Prevents damage to goods and materials

A tilted fork is regularly the cause of damage to goods and racks. It is often difficult for a forklift driver to see whether the fork is level enough. This can cause a lot of damage, particularly when loading and unloading pallets.

Increases effectiveness and efficiency

No matter how good the driver is, it is difficult to assess whether the fork is properly level. The FlatFork performs this check automatically. This enables the driver to work much more effectively.

How does it work?

The FlatFork contains a sensor that keeps track of whether the fork is horizontal or not. Using LED lights in different colours, the FlatFork indicates whether the fork is level or tilted. A green light indicates that the fork is level. At an upward or downward angle of three degrees, the FlatFork light will turn red. The FlatFork is accurate to 0.25 of a degree.


  • Width: 57 mm (2.25 inches)
  • Length 73 mm (2.88 inches)
  • Height: 159 mm (6.25 inches)


734 g (including batteries)

In the box:

  • FlatFork
  • 2 D batteries

Technical information

Color Black
Manufacturer RB Innovative Products
Use type Indoor use
Mounting type Magnetic
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