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    The flexible impact protection from A-Safe is made from the patented material Memaplex. Memaplex features unique characteristics that ensure the material can absorb impacts and still return to its original shape.

    Impact protection that retains its shape

    The unique characteristics of Memaplex ensure that the impact protection from A-Safe is an extremely durable solution. This impact protection does not have to be replaced as often as impact protection made of other materials. The material will return to its original condition after absorbing an impact.

    Modular design that is suitable for many different types of setups

    Not only is the impact protection material flexible, but the products from A-Safe are also modular. This allows the same, high-quality components to be used for any imaginable setup.

    Indoor and outdoor impact protection

    Since the impact protection products from A-Safe are made of synthetic material, they are highly resistant to many different external influences. Whether you place the impact protection indoors or outdoors, it provides the same, long-term, high-quality protection for buildings, machines, and shelving as well as for vehicles and people.

    About A-Safe

    The British company A-Safe has specialised in synthetic impact protection for more than 30 years. Memaplex, a synthetic material with memory technology, was developed by A-Safe.

    TÜV-certified impact protection

    All A-Safe products are TÜV certified. This standard exceeds international standards such as ISO and other European standards as well.