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    Mailing bags offer a much more durable and secure alternative than envelopes when it comes to sending documents and valuables. They can be used for both internal and external mail delivery, as well as for courier services. Despite their light weight, all mailing bags are exceptionally strong and can last for years.

    The double-sided address card is particularly useful when you regularly send documents or money between different locations. The mailing bags come with a window area to display the address. This can only be accessed from inside the bag. A piece of transparent vinyl is fixed to the outside so that the mailing bag remains waterproof despite the address window.

    Record mailing sleeves, known as Recordpacks, are made from a sturdy, vinyl-coated polyester fabric. This protects both the bags and their contents from tears, scrapes, and water damage.

    Our mailing bags can also be fitted with our patented sealing system as an additional option. This enables any instances of fraud to be detected immediately upon receipt of the package. The seal is very easy to use. In fact, it can be closed and broken with a single finger. For extra protection against fraud, it is also possible to have the seals numbered, so each shipment has a unique identification number.

    Different models of mailing bags are available for different purposes:

    The benefits of mailing bags:

    • Secure mailing and transport of valuables
    • Very sturdy due to the high quality material and double-sided stitching
    • Water resistant due to the recessed address window
    • Equipped with a zipper
    • Patented, user-friendly sealing system (additional option)
    • Available in various colours

    For use in sending:

    Internal or external mail, valuable documents, branch correspondence, cheques, money, receipts, deeds, insurance policies, appraisals, drawings, bids, etc.

    Would you prefer to sample our mailing bags first? Please do! Request a free sample pack here.