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    Warehouse ladders increase the safety and simplicity of working in a warehouse. The ladders from Stockmaster enable the order picker to easily collect items, because the ladders are quick and easy to manoeuvre and can even be used as transport vehicles. These ladders also reduce the risk of accidents, because they lock automatically and will not fall over.

    The selection of warehouse ladders at JekaShop consists of various types that are available in several sizes:

    Mobile warehouse ladder

    The mobile warehouse ladder, also called the Stockmaster Navigator, is a safe and easy-to-use platform ladder that locks automatically. This ladder is equipped with an ergonomic steering and braking handle that makes the use of spring-loaded castors, brake pedals, and other safety features unnecessary.

    This is also suitable for use as a transport vehicle, which is not possible with most other ladders. In addition to warehouses, these ladders are also very useful in shops, production areas, archives, museums, or the like.

    Mobile warehouse ladder with lifting platform

    To make working in the warehouse even easier, a mobile warehouse ladder with lifting platform is available. This allows for objects of up to sixty kilograms to be handled and transported easily with a single action. The complete work process can be performed by one person, since no second person is required to pass the objects to. In short, the Stockmaster LIFT-TRUK with manual control is a very safe and efficient order picker.

    Mezzanine ladder

    The Mezzalad by Stockmaster provides access to areas such as mezzanine floors, lofted spaces, and loading docks. The mezzanine ladder saves space because it can be stored against the wall in a flat, upright position when not in use. It provides practical, safe, and simple access to higher floors. The Mezzalad can easily be placed in the tilted position for use. With a width of 600 mm and handrails on both sides, Mezzalad provides comfortable and safe access to higher floors.

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