Effective warehouse layout through logical location numbering

In order to maximise efficiency in your warehouse, you are advised to plan a logical build-up of location numbering, which may or may not be in the form of a barcode label on your racks.

The location numbering in your warehouse layout

To make the order collection as easy and ergonomically responsible as possible for the order collector, we advise you to number down, meaning each number section narrows it down further from aisle to section to shelf. The result will be the easiest and most effective way to find the right location.


The more logically the information is structured, the quicker the brain can process it. That’s why we use ‘chunks’. ‘Chunking’ means to divide the information into a number of smaller units. The first chunk indicates the aisle (building + aisle), the second chunk indicates the section, the third indicates the shelf height, and finally the possible subdivision on the shelf.

This results in the following location numbering setup:

1. Building
2. Aisle
3. Section number
4. Shelf Height
5. Subdivision of the shelves

location numbering setup

Location number as barcode label

In addition to the abovementioned methods to maximise your warehouse layout efficiency, there are a number of ways to limit errors during order collection, for instance, a barcode label and/or a check digit.