MagPaint SketchPaint for Whiteboards

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Product description

  • MagPaint whiteboard paint;
  • Transform your wall, door, or table into a whiteboard that you can write or draw on with whiteboard markers;
  • Color: white or transparent;
  • Available in matte or glossy;
  • Application: indoors;
  • Water based;
  • Available in 0.5 L (up to 3 m²) or 1 L (up to 6 m²).

SketchPaint is a whiteboard paint: turn any surface into an area that you can write on with markers. This could be a wall, a door, or a table.

Every surface becomes an area that you can draw and write on.


The surface should be sturdy, clean, dry, free of grease and — above all — smooth.

Remove any peeling paint and sand down with fine-grained sandpaper.

Sand any glossy or semi-glossy surfaces down to a matte finish.

Clean the surface well with a damp cloth and let it dry.

Use masking tape to mark off the area to be painted.


SketchPaint can be applied directly to mildly absorbent surfaces such as wood, MDF, drywall, and MagneticPaint. Strongly absorbent mineral and wooden surfaces must first be treated with an appropriate primer.
Before painting SketchPaint White on top of it, make sure that a dark or colored surface is coated thoroughly in white primer. This will prevent you from applying multiple layers of SketchPaint.
When using SketchPaint Transparent, start by applying the color of your choice evenly before applying SketchPaint Transparent.


SketchPaint should be applied with a short-nap roller. Before use, remove any loose fibers by rinsing the roller under the tap.
Use one roller and paint tray per can of SketchPaint. This prevents new paint from being ruined with cured (old) paint. Separate the two cans and pour the entire contents of the small can into the large can, then stir for 3 minutes. After stirring, leave the mixture for 5 minutes until most of the air bubbles have disappeared. If necessary, dilute up with up to 10% water for better flowing paint.
Never mix this paint with other paint.


SketchPaint should be used within 1 hour of mixing the two cans. This time is significantly lower when the paint is being used in a warm and well-ventilated environment.
Make sure that the roller is constantly well saturated, and roll it all the way out to the edge of the surface you want to cover. Do not use a brush.
One layer is usually enough to achieve the desired effect, at a maximum of 3m² per can of 0.5L.
When painting a large surface, make sure that the new paint roller and tray are ready and prepare the next can before the current can is empty.
Remove the painting tape within one hour of applying the paint;
Or cut along the tape with a utility knife and remove it.
SketchPaint will not stick after 24 hours, but allow it to cure for 5 days. After that, you can write on the SketchPaint surface.WARNING

Never close or seal the product inside a container once it has been mixed!

Maintaining your SketchPaint surface

We recommend using SketchMarkers on the surface. When using other brands, test them to see how well they wash off first.
Use SketchCleaner spray to remove stubborn marks. Traces of permanent markers can be removed with paint thinner.
NEVER use chemical or abrasive cleaners on the surface.

Technical information

Manufacturer MagPaint
Use type Indoor use
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