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Convenient, safe, easy access to Mezzanine areas. Stores flat against wall when not in use. Stockmaster Mezzalad makes use of the space you have paid for! Mezzalad features a space saving mechanism which allows it to be stored flat against the wall when not in use, and is bought to the operative position with a simple lift and pull action. 

Stockmaster Mezzalad:

    • Provides access to Mezzanine floors and space above offices, tea rooms, etc.
    • Stores out of the way when not in use with a simple lift and push action
    • Includes an upper floor gate and two hand rails to assist safe and easy climbing
    • Features a safe step through design with a comfortable 600 mm between hand rails
    • Fast and simple installation with universal fixing bracket and two bolt fixing
    • Available in a size to suit your application

At 600 mm, the step width provides comfortable access, and two hand rails are included for safe and easy climbing. The side rails are lengthened to provide hand railing extending 900 mm beyond the upper floor, enabling safe step through access to the upper floor while maintaining a hand hold. 

A Safety Gate is provided at the upper floor level to maintain the integrity of the perimiter railing. All risks associated with operating the gate while standing on the ladder are eliminated as the gate may be opened or closed with the operator standing fully on the upper floor. 

The ladder is fastened at the upper floor level. Installation is simple with two universal brackets allowing fastening to be made either to the floor or wall and the ladder may be secured with bolts or screws. 

Mezzalad is produced in two separate series to suit all floor heights between 1.31 to 4.7 meters. 

Mezzalad is designed to comply with relative elements of Australian Standard AS 1892:1.1996 for portable metal ladders.


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    Indoor use
  • Load capacity
    150 kg