'Shark's teeth' yield lines (20 pieces) - Anti Slip

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This anti-slip tape combines two important logistical elements: floor marking and safety. This tape is designed for applying lining and markings. The anti-slip tape is equipped with a wear resistant anti-slip top layer, reducing the chance of slipping when stepping on the markings. It is available in different colours and two sizes (large and small).

Anti-slip tape: floor marking and safety in a single product. Anti-slip tape is the solution to prevent slipping and is ideal to mark lining, storage sections for pallets, workspaces, walkways or transport routes.

This tape is designed for application in warehouses or factory halls. Of course, this anti-slip tape can also be used in different environments, such as hospitals or stores. The anti-slip tape, intended for indoor application, is self-adhesive and equipped with an anti-slip top layer.

Anti-slip tape:

    • The tape has an embossed top layer, making it anti-slip;
    • Material: PVC;
    • Adhesive: excellent adhesion to the floor, intended for indoor use;
    • Quick application, no drying time required;
    • Excellent for implementation of Lean or 5S.

Download: Datasheet Anti slip tape / Floor marking


  • Material
    Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • Surface
  • Use type
    Indoor use
  • Suitable for carpet
  • Mounting type
  • Adhesive layer
    Rubber based