Straight-wall container Eurobox 400x600x230 mm with open front

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  • Straight-wall container based on Euronorm;
  • With open front;
  • Available in grey, red and blue.

These containers are designed to be stacked easily. The container dimensions are in accordance with the European Standard (Euronorm). Therefore, they are often called Euronorm containers or - even shorter - Euroboxes. The Euro Standard size is equal to half a Euro pallet.

The size of this container is 1/4 of a Euro pallet.

This model has an open front. This is ideal for situations in which the content of the container must still be accessible when the container is stacked.

Straight-wall container with lid

Container lids can be ordered separately. Lids are useful if you wish to close off the top of the container.


In accordance with Euro Standard: Yes

Stackable: Yes

Nestable: No

Handles: 1

Material: Polypropylene (PP)

Colour: Grey, Blue, Red

Load capacity: - kg

Maximum stacking load: - kg

Volume: 40 L

Width: 400 mm

Length: 600 mm

Height: 230 mm

Internal dimensions L x W x H: 366 x 569 x 220 mm

Weight: - kg


  • Manufacturer
  • Material
    Polypropylene (PP)
  • Width
    400 mm
  • Height
    230 mm
  • Length
    600 mm
  • Volume
    40 L
  • Load capacity
    30 kg