Warehouse Logistics

Scientific Warehouse Logistics

Whom to look for when optimal efficiency is crucial for your warehouse? The answer can be quite simple: Jeka, for several decades trendsetter in the field of warehouse logistics. For us efficiency, security and ergonomics are imperative when developing warehouse management systems. Warehouse navigation is not only signposting and arrows. For us it is real science, similar to way finding. This approach led and will lead to advanced, systematic and consistent systems. Systems that will help your staff to absolve their specific tasks with the greatest efficiency leading to a significant workload decrease and a considerable cut in expenses.

Warehouse Logistics

Innovating efficiency

Jeka wants to stay top of the list as warehouse logistics is concerned. So we are always looking for the latest scientific results and methods to develop systems most effective in minimizing human effort and errors.  We work intensively with colleagues, universities and specialized consultants to improve involved logic. Due to our own dedicated production facilities in the Netherlands, we can execute improvements instantly and very easily to your benefit.

It is our strength to process information in a clear, swift and easy way. For us leading in the field of warehouse logistics implies the development of (magnetic) signs, dot markings, lokas and labels that can more than stand set international standards. In every condition our products must be easy to read and to understand and avoid misinterpretations by being clear and consistent. They are applicable in very different configurations and circumstances. For all our products we have taken human physical and mental conditions and our ability to adapt to altering situations into full consideration so that adjustments can be made very easily.

So go for Jeka as warehouse logistics is concerned.