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Floor marking can greatly contribute to improved order and safety in the workplace. Jeka also offers the option to print your own text and/or coding in combination with a barcode with the floor marking.

You can easily create your own prints through JekaShop. However, if you have any questions, please contact us!

The markings are provided with a strong adhesive back layer for excellent adhesion to the concrete floor. With these clearly visible markings all stock locations, work areas, transport aisles, production departments, and offices can be marked in a long-lasting way. Storage environments, working areas, transportation routes, factories and offices can be provided with these clear and durable markings. The Corner left marking can be printed with both text and barcode. The durable surface of the marking ensures a long lifespan.

The Dot marking adheres to any dry, grease-free and clean concrete surface. A protective foil, which covers the adhesive layer, is removed just before applying the markings. The 0.02 inch (0.5mm) self-adhesive layer is relatively soft and yet thick enough to allow it to penetrate the pores of the floor resulting in excellent adhesion. With the help of the included self-adhesive measuring tape you can easily apply the dots in a straight line with even spaces. The standard color of Dot Marking® is the signal color yellow (NEN 3011). Other available colors include white, black, red, green and blue.

Advantages over painted markings

  • Adhesive markings are much faster and cleaner than painting;
  • Adhesive markings requires no drying time, the markings are immediatly ready for use;
  • Less chance of contamination, due to the materials of the markings;
  • Removing or replacing a marking is always possible.
  • RFID

    By integrating an RFID tag into the Dot marking an easy to install ‘Tracking&Tracing’ system is realized. The information of the tag can be read errorless by a hand scanner or reader mounted underneath a fork-lift truck. Thanks to the application of the RFID technology in this special marking the information stays well-readable, even under the most extreme circumstances.

    Download: Data Sheet Dot Marking Printed


    • Manufacturer
    • Material
      Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
    • Use type
      Indoor use
    • Mounting type
    • Adhesive layer
      Rubber based