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    JekaShop in a nutshell:

    How long has JekaShop been in operation?

    JekaShop was launched in 2012, but Jeka, founded in 1980, has been around much longer. We now have operations in over twenty countries, including Germany, England, the United States and Sweden. In 2016, JekaShop expansions are planned for the Czech Republic and Romania among other countries.

    What is JekaShop?

    JekaShop is the Jeka online store. Jeka produces and delivers the following products, among others: floor marking, labels, label holders, barcode labels and signs. These unique products can all be ordered easily through JekaShop at any time and are delivered fresh from the factory. This is why Jeka products are so affordable! JekaShop also offers other products within the area of signposting, identification and safety, such as safety mirrors and impact protection.

    What does Jeka actually mean?

    The answer to this is simple. Jeka (pronounced Yay-Kah in Dutch) is an adaptation of the initials of its founder, John Kusters. In Dutch, the letters J and K, with a little creativity, are pronounced ‘JeKa’.

    Why do I see a squirrel all over this website?

    Junior the Squirrel is Jeka’s digital sales helper. Junior was ‘born’ during the summer of 2014, and he helps you by explaining or drawing your attention to certain things in the JekaShop. Junior also helps to freshen up Jeka’s business statements by simply making them more fun.

    Why a squirrel? A squirrel likes to collect nuts, such as acorns – an orderpicker in logistics is also continually busy collecting items. The similarity is that neither of the two can do this without Jeka’s help, because with our signposting, everything is easier to find.

    How many employees does JekaShop have?

    Around twenty people work at JekaShop.

    Where can JekaShop be found?

    JekaShop has sales offices in Beuningen (Netherlands) and Long Beach (California, United States). The factory and warehouse are located in Beuningen, including a part of the production which is outsourced to a social enterprise in Apeldoorn.

    What sets JekaShop apart?

    ✔ 24/7 order placement, ✔ very competitive prices, ✔ attractive discounts, ✔ high quality, ✔ unique product range,  immediate answers to your questions through our online chat, ✔ fixed shipping costs, ✔ option to order on account.

    JekaShop advantages

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