The check digit: a tool to reduce mistakes

To prevent mistakes when collecting orders, a check digit can be used. This is an extra check to determine if a person is at the right location. An additional two digit number is assigned to each location. This can be placed on a separate label or on the location label itself.

check digit on location label

Using check digits

A check digit helps the order filler find the right location. Check digits are especially useful in warehouse environments that use vocal ordering.

An additional two digit number is assigned to each location number. This number can be generated in several ways:

    • Using a spin table containing numbers 00 through 99, the check digit is generated randomly by drawing the numbers.
    • Using a calculation with prime numbers and the ASCII values of the letters and numbers.

Check digits in practice

check digit on a seperate labelThe check digit is always indicated next to the location number. There are different ways to do that. The most common way is to place both on the location label together. To indicate which is which, the check digit is separated from the location number by a few (two or three) spaces. The check digit could also be a smaller font size or placed beneath the location number.

Jeka also offers a solution to reduce the chance of errors even further: the check digit Loka. This displays the check digit on a separate label which divides the two digits by a folded out edge. This forces the warehouse employee to be nearer in order to check the location, reducing the chances of error.

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