T-piece - Hazard Stripes

Article number: hazard-t-piece
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Product description

Together with dots and corner pieces, T-pieces can be used to create lines on the floor. The striped T-piece can give these markings an additional dimension. The eye-catching stripes, mean that dangerous areas and other risks can be indicated according to ISO 7010 and ISO 3864. Dimensions: Large = 290 x 190 mm and Small = 180 x 120 mm.

Striped floor markings can be used to highlight risks or dangers. The stripes on the markings are of equal width and slope at an angle of 45°. The colour combinations and their meanings have been standardised: ISO 7010 prescribes the following for:

  • White on red = prohibited, fire safety.
  • Black on yellow = danger.
  • White on green = safe escape route, safety equipment.
  • White on blue = mandatory.

There are more standards for the meanings of colour combinations, including ISO 3864. The only difference between ISO 7010 above and ISO 3864 is an additional colour combination.

  • Black on white = additional information.

The floor markings in all of the striped colour combinations above are available from inventory, making it possible to meet both ISO standards. If desired, other colour combinations, like those that meet United States ANSI standards, are available upon request.


Technical information

Manufacturer JEKA
Material Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
Use type Indoor use
Thickness 0,99 mm
Mounting type Self-adhesive
Adhesive layer Rubber based
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