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Convex mirror 90°

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The convex mirror 90° is an efficient and safe spacing investment for safety at work. The mirror offers a brilliant view and can therefore be used in the industry as well as in workshops and shopping centres. In the industry the BM creates a good overview and in retail potential thiefs are discouraged.

Viewing distance
The optimal viewing distance depends on the size of the mirror:

  • 60 cm → between 10 and 15 meters
  • 80 cm → between 15 and 20 meters
  • 100 cm → between 25 and 30 meters

The TÜV-certified BM 90° is made of impact resistant acryl (70% more impact resistant than glass). It has a light weight and a long life duration. Due to its material it can be used in the food processing industry as well.

The mirror can either be fixed directly on a wall or ceiling (there are predrilled holes in the border of the mirror).


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