PermaStripe Smooth floor tape

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Product description

  • Sturdy and wear-resistant floor tape;
  • Smooth, glossy finish;
  • Less prone to dirt and easier to clean;
  • Easier to apply than lines of paint;
  • Dimension: 50 mm x 30 m / 2 inch x 100 feet.

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This is the smooth version of the popular PermaStripe floor tape. Thanks to its smooth surface, this tape is less prone to accumulating dirt and bacteria, and is easier to clean. This makes the floor tape very well suited to use in hygiene-sensitive environments, such as the food industry.

PermaStripes Smooth also features the same properties as other PermaStripe tapes.

PermaStripe is sturdy and wear-resistant. It has been specially designed to continue working under extreme conditions. That is why PermaStripe is made of PVC that is thicker than competing products, equipped with a powerful adhesive layer, and features bevelled edges.

PermaStripe is perfect for marking lines, pallet storage areas, workspaces, walkways, and transport paths. Very well suited for use in a warehouse or factory hall, especially in 5S projects. Of course, this floor tape can also be applied in other locations, such as hospitals or shops.

Applying the tape is simple: just remove the backing and attach it to the floor. The tape adheres very quickly — no drying time required. No extensive preparation is necessary, unlike when painting lines. With the PermaStripe floor marking tool, attaching the tape is even easier.

If you have to make any changes to your business location, removing the tape is easy as well. PermaStripe is so sturdy that it does not break, so it can be removed quickly. Unlike paint, the tape does not damage the floor, so you won’t have to blast it.


Material: PVC

Adhesive layer: acrylic

Top layer: smooth

Edges: bevelled edges

PVC thickness: 1.0 mm

Total thickness: 1.3 mm

Usage temperature: -30 °C to 70 °C

Application temperature: 10 °C

Tensile strength: > 200 N/25 mm

Peel adhesion: 42.2 N / 25 mm

Width: 50 mm (75 and 100 mm also available upon request)

Length: 30 meters (on a roll)

Color: Yellow, white, red, green, blue, black, orange, yellow/white, red/white

Technical information

Manufacturer Heskins
Material Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
Surface Plain
Use type Indoor use
Length 30 m / 100 ft (roll)
Width 50 mm / 2 in
Thickness 1.3 mm
Mounting type Self-adhesive
Adhesive layer Acrylic based
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