Applying lines

JekaShop has various products which can be used to apply lines. This can be done with floor tape which comes in various sizes, colours, and qualities. However, unprinted floor marking is also particularly well suited for creating lines. All products are suitable for indoor environments such as:

    • Applying lines with floor tapeWarehouses;
    • Industrial spaces;
    • Production environments;
    • Laboratories;
    • Distribution centres;
    • Parking garages;
    • Factories;
    • Events;
    • Shops;
    • Schools;
    • Hospitals.

Other solutions for applying lines and markings in order to implement 5S or Lean methods in a business environment, are anti-slip or glow-in-the-dark floor marking.

Applying lines yourself

Floor tape

JekaShop offers a broad selection of floor tape. There is an assortment of sizes, colours, and qualities available, including anti-slip varieties, such as:


Applying lines with floor marking


Floor marking

Another option for applying lines is unprinted floor marking in various shapes such as arrows, circles, or corners. Our floor markings are perfect for demarcating pallet zones or walking paths. 

Thanks to the wide array of colours and shapes, business environments can be made more efficient, effective, and safe. Floor markings are available in many colours and shapes. In total, there are more than 100 varieties! On top of that, all unprinted floor markings can be shipped directly from our inventory.

Printed floor markings with your own text, code or bar code are also available at JekaShop.

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