Convex mirrors

Convex mirrors, also called curved mirrors, are mirrors in which the reflective surface bulges toward a light source. These mirrors can be very useful in work environments such as warehouses or store rooms. The right overview of a workspace improves safety by giving your workers awareness of their surroundings, approaching vehicles and other workers in the workplace. This overview can be created with the use of convex mirrors.

Safety is an important part of every work environment, especially when working in a warehouse. The right overview of a workspace increases the safety of your employees. This way your employees will be able to anticipate dangerous situations and prevent accidents from happening. Convex mirrors or safety mirrors can offer you the right solution.

This video can show you the use of convex mirrors:

The surface of a curved mirror can be either convex, which means bulging outward, or concave, bulging inward. Most curved mirrors have surfaces which are shaped like part of a sphere. Convex mirrors reflect the light outwards and can therefore not be used to focus light. These curved mirrors always form a virtual image because the focus and center of curvature are imaginary points inside the mirror and cannot be reached. Therefore images formed by a convex mirror cannot be projected onto a screen. The image is smaller than the object, but gets larger as the object approaches the convex mirror.

Convex mirrors: locations

One of the most common uses for convex mirrors is the mirror on the passenger-side of your car. In some countries, these mirrors are even labelled with the safety warning ‘objects in mirror are closer than they appear’ to warn drivers of the distorting effects of the convex mirror on distance perception. Convex mirrors are used for cars because they provide a wider field of view because of their outwards curve.

Another place convex mirrors can often be found are the hallways of various buildings such as schools, hotels, hospitals, stores and apartment building. At these locations convex mirrors are usually mounted to a wall or ceiling where hallways make a turn or cross each other. This provides people with a good overview of their surroundings and eliminates blind spots. Convex mirrors are also used to provide safety for motorists on roads, driveways and in alleys where there is a lack of visibility.

Convex mirrors are an easy way of improving the safety in your production or warehouse environment. They can be placed at crossings or blind spots in your work environment to create an overview of approaching forklifts, other vehicles or approaching colleagues.

Convex mirrors at JekaShop

At JekaShop we put safety first and therefore we offer a lot of different types of safety mirrors, such as convex mirrors. Safety mirrors are a simple way of further improving the safety of your warehouse environment. Convex mirrors, for example, can be placed at crossings or blind spots to enable workers to see approaching vehicles such as forklifts. But other safety mirrors can also come in handy during the production process, to view products from a different angle on a conveyor belt for example. This can increase the quality of your products by becoming aware of any faults in the production and increase the efficiency of the production process by eliminating the necessity to check your products by picking them up from the conveyor belt.

Our convex mirrors come in different shapes and sizes. What they all have in common is that the mirrors are produced with lightweight materials while still maintaining their functionality and robustness. Because of the robustness our convex mirrors can withstand all the elements and can be used outside as well as inside.

At JekaShop, we offer different types of convex mirrors:

    • Traffic mirrors: recommended to increase traffic safety both inside and outside. These safety mirrors can be used in streets, minor roads, alleys and smaller lanes with bends where blind spots are a common hazard. Also to industrial estates where road users and pedestrians are in risk of accidents happening.
    • Industrial mirrors: can be used to optimize traffic safety for industrial driveways where the driver has a limited visibility. Can also be useful to increase the attention at danger spots in production and in warehouses.

Have a look at the range of convex mirrors we offer in our web shop. If you have any question about the safety mirrors we offer, don’t hesitate to contact one of our sales advisors.