Hand trucks

A hand truck is a simple hand cart that can be used for moving objects, primarily boxes, over short distances. They go by a number of different names: dolly, box cart, trolley, etc.

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Hand trucks are most useful when goods are too heavy to lift, but do not have to be moved across significant distances. The goods cannot be too large either, otherwise they will not fit on the hand truck. For instance, it is better to move pallets with forklifts or pallet trucks.

It is also important that the goods are not located on a shelf. Hand trucks are able to lift things off the ground using the ledge at the base. If an object is not on the ground, then it still has to be picked up, which defeats the purpose of the hand truck.

Why are there so many different kinds of hand trucks?

Goods are sometimes heavy enough that it is necessary to use a hand truck, but are shaped in a way that is not ideal for loading onto the hand truck. If such an object has to be moved relatively often, then it is worthwhile to purchase a hand truck that has been designed to carry objects with that shape. 

A hand truck is often better for the back

Lifting and moving objects can be very taxing for the back and shoulders. This reduces physical stress by reducing the lifting and carrying that is required.

Hand trucks at JekaShop

There are various kinds of hand trucks available at JekaShop. The assortment of internal transportation products has been carefully selected, so that a suitable solution is available for every imaginable application. Below is a brief overview of the various hand trucks:

Folding hand truck

Due to its lightweight construction and ability to be folded easily, the folding hand truck is the perfect portable solution. The hand truck is made of aluminium yet is very strong. Not to mention that the large loading surface makes this hand truck a true powerhouse.

If you are searching for a different type of hand truck, feel free to contact us.