For a more effective warehouse
  • Floor pictograms

    Reduce risks at the workplace with floor pictograms. A floor pictogram is an effective way to communicate important information on the work floor, such as required equipment, a warning, or a prohibited action. An example of this would be a pictogram indicating that safety footwear must be worn.

    The following colours are commonly used and most effective when communicating different types of information:

    • Mandatory actions in blue with white;
    • Prohibited actions in red with white;
    • Warnings in yellow with black.

    JekaShop’s floor pictograms are based on our sturdy floor markings, which means they are impact resistant. The pictograms are self-adhesive, which allows them to be applied easily to the floor. They are suitable for indoor use and are often used in warehouses and factories.

    Upon request, there are also other pictograms, colour combinations, and sizes available.