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    JekaShop offers a diverse selection of labels and signs. Both are essential for effectively furnishing a warehouse. Labels and signs make it possible to structurally divide industrial or logistic work environments or warehouses and to do so clearly and visibly. These products can also be used in other environments such as offices, parking garages, or hospitals.


    Labels are best suited for indicating specific goods on shelves or displays. For locations where the label does not have to change, self-adhesive labels are the best solution. Self-adhesive labels are highly resistant, which makes them the most durable solution. Magnetic labels are easy to apply and move. Does the content of a shelf or display need to change often? Use blank labels then. You can fill out the descriptions on these yourself and place them in a C-profile label holder. These are available in both magnetic and self-adhesive variants.


    Signs are primarily used in larger spaces. Location signs typically ensure that messages or locations can be seen from far away. They make it possible for workers to find their way quickly in these environments. Location signs are also well suited for use in warehouses and production environments, but can also be used in such locations as roads, P+R locations, hospitals, and libraries.


    Loka’s are barcode labels. They are printed labels for marking and identifying shelves on displays. Loka’s are available in three different variants: Lite, Premium (self-adhesive), and Magnetic. All loka's are available with different types of barcodes, as well as without barcodes. There is also the Long Distance Loka, which is suited for scanning barcodes from greater distances. These labels are available in both magnetic and self-adhesive variants.

    Printed floor markings

    Just like Loka’s, printed floor markings are also intended for clearly indicating areas on the work floor or in the warehouse. Some examples would be providing a location number and/or barcode at storage areas or pallet locations.

    Letters & Numbers

    With letters and numbers, any location can be numbered or marked. Magnetic letters and numbers are easy to apply and remove at any location with a metal surface. Self-adhesive letters and numbers are the more permanent solution and are also suitable for outdoor use.

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