GenieGrips® front-view mirror for forklifts

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Product description

  • Adjustable front-view mirror for forklifts;
  • Better visibility for forklift operators;
  • View of the blind spot in front of the cargo;
  • View of the ends of the lift forks;
  • Easy magnetic mounting system.

The GenieGrips® front-view mirror is perfect for forklift operators with a load on the forks that blocks their view. A correctly positioned front-view mirror makes it possible for the operator to see what is going on in front of the load.

The mirror also allows the operator to see the forks more clearly, which makes for better precision when loading and unloading pallets. This reduces the risk of accidents and damage when using the mirror.

Installation is simple. The mirrors are mounted to both sides of the forklift mast using three magnets. This means that they can easily be removed and used on a different forklift. The magnets can also be unscrewed, revealing an adhesive strip that allows you to secure them permanently.

The GenieGrips® front-view mirror comes in two models:


the slim-view model is suitable for forklifts of 1-2.5 metric tons. The slim-view mirror is designed for use in tighter spaces.


the wide-view model of the front-view mirror is designed for heavier forklifts of 2.5-12 metric tons. The wide-view model sticks farther out from the sides of the forklift. The larger mirror also means a broader field of vision.


Dimensions: 43x25x30 cm (Slim-view), 43x35x30 cm (Wide-view)

Material: plastic, metal mounting plate

Weight: 10 kg (5 kg per mirror)

Mounting method: Magnets or adhesive

Adjustable: Yes

In the box: 2 x GenieGrips® front-view mirrors (left and right)

Technical information

Manufacturer GenieGrips®
Use type In- & outdoor use