Long Distance Loka's - Barcode Labels

Article number: long-distance-loka
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Product description

Warehouse environments make high demands on both quality and readability of the location identification. Therefore, Jeka exclusively uses high quality materials for the production of its Loka 's. The adhesive layer meets the highest standards and sticks to practically every common rack.

In order to design a logical structure for location indications, the concept of standard indication is an excellent principle. For a specific configuration in your warehouse, you can always contact one of our advisors for more information.

Our recommended numbering is as follows: the first chunk represents the building or department; the second chunk represents the corridor; the third chunk represents the section in the corridor (preferably, odd section numbers on the left, and even section numbers on the right); the fourth chunk is the level or height of the shelf (preferably, the bottom (floor) is indicated with 01); the fifth chunk represents the location on the shelf.

For optimal readability, we recommend to divide the location numbering into chunks by means of whitespaces. To enable re-orientation and chekcing, the location numbering should be repeated on every loka.

Loka 's

All Loka 's are laminated. A transparent top layer assures an excellent protection of the imprint - eventually with barcode – preventing any dirt to affect the label, which guarantees a long lifetime. Loka 's can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Self-adhesive loka 's have a strong permanent adhesive layer and adhere to any smooth, flat and fat-free surface. Loka 's are available in four qualities:

  • Loka Premium
  • Loka Lite
  • Loka Long Distance

Magnetic Loka 's

Magnetic Loka 's have a magnetic base, which enables a connection to metal rack beams. They can easily be attached, removed and repositioned again and again. Magnetic Loka 's are ideal to use in cold stores and freezing chambers, since the low temperatures have a positive impact on the adhesion of the magnetic Loka.

Color and printing

Standard background colors are yellow or white. The text is always printed in black. Other available colors include red, green, orange and blue. In addition to location numbers the Loka 's can also be printed with other text, such as article codes or names. Loka 's can be produced in several standard character heights with corresponding label heights. The character height should be in accordance with the maximum reading distance desired.

Loka 's with barcode

Loka 's with barcode: ‘Automatic identification for faultless registration’. The application of bar codes technology in a warehouse contributes increasingly to an optimization of the efficiency in a warehouse operation. Loka 's with barcode are available in the same sizes and colors as the standard ones. Jeka can advise you how to deploy barcode technology within your company. To maximize returns, a procedure using a checklist is used, which will indicate which barcode fits your users requerements best.

Location, application and installation of the barcode

Because people will always read plain text first, the most obvious location for the barcode is behind or beneath the text. Nowadays, barcode technology is no complicated matter anymore. Naturally, Jeka would gladly advise you. Years of experience guarantee a complete and specific advice from our team. Jeka's installation service provides on-demand installation and assembly of loka 's and floor marking. All engineers have extensive experience and are VCA-certified.


Data Sheet Loka Long Distance

Data Sheet Loka Long Distance Magnetic

Technical information

Manufacturer JEKA
Use type Indoor use