GenieGrips® Caps - protective caps for forklift forks

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Product description

  • Cap that covers fork ends;
  • Reinforced steel construction made with compound rubber;
  • Easy to attach and detach with screws;
  • Made with yellow rubber making it clearly visible for maximum safety.

GenieGrips® Caps are protective caps that are attached to the ends of forklift tines.

GenieGrips® Caps prevent the forks from causing damage to your products while lifting, loading, and moving cargo. They are easy to place and remove and offer an affordable, effective method for limiting damage to products as much as possible.

GenieGrips® Caps are made of bright, clearly visible compound rubber. They are easy to see during the day or night which ensures the safety of your employees at all times. GenieGrips® Caps have a reinforced steel construction for increased durability and firmness.



  • Width: 140.3 mm
  • Length 197 mm
  • Height: 23.8 mm
  • Steel thickness: 2 mm


  • Compound rubber and steel
  • Colour: yellow

In the box:

  • 2 GenieGrips® Caps
  • Mounting hardware kit: 4 screws and a hex key
  • Storage pouch


GenieGrips® is a registered trademark of GenieGrips Pty Ltd.

Technical information

Color Yellow
Manufacturer GenieGrips®
Material Rubber
Use type In- & outdoor use